P Value Calculator for T Statistic

T-Score: 4.5
p value: 0.0002
This result is statistically significant

Tool Overview: P Value Calculator for T Score

This p value calculator allows you to convert your t statistic into a p value and evaluate it for a given significance level. Simply enter your t statistic (we have a t score calculator if you need to solve for the t score) and hit calculate. It will generate the p-value for that t score.

If you're just using this as a tool to check your homework, that should be sufficient. However, if you enter a given significance level and specify if you want to look at this as a one-tailed or two-tailed probability, the p value calculator will also render an opinion on the statistical significance of that result. This is generated using Student's t distribution, adjusted for degrees of freedom (basically, your sample size).

This tool effectively replaces the use of a t score table. We have another version that works for calculating the p value from a z score if you are working with large sample sizes and want to use the standard normal distribution.

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