Interquartile Range Calculator

Interquartile Range Calculator

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Descriptive Statistics

Sample has 28 observations.
Sample Median: 3.5000
25th Percentile: 3.0000
75th Percentile: 5.2500
Interquartile Range: 2.2500
Sample Mode: 3.0000

Tool Overview - The Interquartile Range Calculator

This is a simplified version of our descriptive statistics tool which calculates the break points for the four quartiles of a statistical sample and the interquartile range.

This is a simple but highly descriptive way to define the shape of the distribution you are analyzing. These metrics are generally considered to be fairly robust - less subject to the influence of a few outliers than measures such as sample mean and standard deviation. There are also no implicit assumptions about shape of the underlying distribution, such as normality.

This tool is developed so you can save your data and use it in our other calculators. Simply hit "save data" and enter a name for this data set. It will be added to the menu shown alongside (or below) the calculators. When you open another page on our site, you will see a list of saved datasets. Simply click on that item and it will pre-populate the calculator box.

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