Sum of Squares Calculator

Sum of Squares Calculator

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Statistical Sum of Squares
(Squared Deviation Scores)


Literal "Sum of Squares"
(algebraic calculation)


Using the Sum of Squares calculator

Free statistics calculators designed for data scientists. This sum of squares calculator:

  • Calculates the sum of squares
  • Calculates statistical variance

How To Use The Sum of Squares calculator

This calculator examines a set of numbers and calculates the sum of the squares. We provide two versions: The first is the statistical version, which is the squared deviation score for that sample. This is useful when you're checking regression calculations and other statistical operations. The second version is algebraic - we take the numbers and square them. This version is used for engineering and discrete mathematics. Either way, the calculator is easy to use. Enter each data point as a separate value, separated by commas or new a line. Then hit calculate. The calculator will generate the sum of squares for the sample.

Want to do more analysis? We have tools that will allow you to plot the distribution and generate a histogram. Even better, you can save your data from this calculator and reuse it on that web page! Or come back and use it to check your work later. Simply hit the "save data" button. It will save the data in your browser (not our server, it remains private to you). It will appear on the list of saved datasets below the data entry panel. To retrieve it, click the "load data" button next to it.

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